Cost Reduction of 60-80% on Cloud Compute

Kiss cloud sticker shock goodbye — businesses typically save 60-80% on their cloud bills with Control Plane's cost optimization engine.

Only pay for what you use

With Control Plane, say goodbye to overpaying for cloud services like load balancers, Kubernetes control plane nodes and worker nodes, load balancers, observability tools, and more. Our platform continuously optimizes your runtime costs, so you only pay for what you need. No overprovisioning required. No platform fee to get started. The result? A massive 60-80% reduction in your total cloud spend.

We've reduced our AWS spend by 75% using Control Plane.

Dimy Jeannot
Dimy JeannotCTO Safehealth
Screenshot shows data visualization of current and projected costs for a GVC, Control Plane’s proprietary Global Virtual Cloud

Gain visibility into your cloud spend and optimize costs with real-time usage and cost data for your Global Virtual Cloud.

Continuous Cost Optimization

The Control Plane platform continuously optimizes your runtime cost, ensuring that you only pay for the resources you need. By stopping over-provisioning, the platform makes your engineering team more efficient and cost-effective.

Kubernetes Cost Savings Calculator

If you currently operate a Kubernetes cluster, try our open-source K8s cost savings calculator to estimate how much you can save by running your workloads on Control Plane versus your current cloud provider.

Customers routinely see 5-10x reductions on their monthly cloud bills.

Customers have reported projected yearly savings of up to $189,000 after migrating to Control Plane's lean cloud architecture, as shown below.

Screenshot shows part of a report including Infrastructure spec, Application spec and an expected savings of $15875.88/month with Control Plane

Got Kubernetes? Unlock significant cost savings for your Kubernetes workloads with the Control Plane platform.

Learn how to reduce your ops overhead and tedious cluster management with Control Plane today.

Accelerated Time-to-Market

In addition to significant cost reduction, Control Plane accelerates your engineering team's time-to-market.

Get unlimited scalability without the need to hire specialized and costly engineers.

Control Plane accelerated our time-to-market by six months, giving us a competitive edge.

David Chen
David ChenPrincipal Engineer Allio